I'm The Cabana Boy Frequently Asked Questions

I'm The Cabana Boy Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cabana Boys included with a purchase?

Sorry, we cannot supply any Cabana Boy services at this time. However, our Cabana Boy tees make a wonderful gift for any man that wants to help take care of your needs. 

I have found I'm The Cabana Boy products on other websites for cheaper. Should I buy from them?
I'm The Cabana Boy is a popular brand and has been ripped off by many evil and soulless companies. If you purchase an I'm The Cabana Boy product from a website other than this one, or IslandJay.com, are you very likely receiving an inferior counterfeit. 

These inferior products can often be of poor quality, causing a Cabana Boy to break out with rashes that will no go away easily. These websites are often run from foreign countries and where Cabana Boy's are needed to help them chill, relax, and stop their evil ways. 

I have a coupon code, gift card, store credit, or to IslandJay.com. Can I use that on this website?
IslandJay.com is our parent company, and we love Jay very much, but we cannot accept any of the above that are designs for IslandJay.com.

Island Jay does sell all "I'm The Cabana Boy" products as well. We may suggest making your purchase there. You can find all their I'm The Cabana Boy products by clicking here